RTOS Features

1)    Multithreading and preemptability:The schedulershould be able to preempt any task in the system and allocate the resource to the task that needs it most even at peakload.
2)    Thread Priority: All the tasks are assigned priority level to facilitate preemption. The highest priority task that is ready to run will be the task that will be running.
3)    Inter Task communication and synchronization:For multiple tasks to communicate in a timely manner and to ensure data integrity among each other, reliable and
sufficient inter-task communication and synchronization mechanisms are required.
4)    Priority inheritance: Should priority inversion this is required       
5)    Short Latencies:
·         Task switching Latency: The time needed to save the context of currently executing task and switching to another task.
·         Interrupt Latency:The time elapsed between execution of the last instruction of the interrupted task and the firstinstruction in the interrupt handler.
·         Interrupt dispatch Latency:The time from the last instruction in the interrupt handler to the next task scheduled torun.

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