Windows Driver (KMDF) Interview Questions

  1. Draw Windows Phone 8 Architecture?
  2. What is WDF? Advantages over WDM?
  3. What is KMDF?
  4. Difference between KMDF and WDM?
  5. Types of drivers supported in KMDF?
  6. Structure of KMDF?
  7. What is the significance of function driver, filter driver and bus driver?
  9. What is method, properties? How to define Methods and properties?
  10. Which is the ROOT object for any device object?
  11. What is attribute?
  12. What is the use of EvtCleanupCallback and EvtDestroyCallback callback methods?
  13. What is Synchronization Scope? and types
  14. What is context area?
  15. What is the process involved in Object creation and object deletion?
  16. How the Drivers can change the parent of KMDF objects?
  17. What is IRP?
  18. Explain IO Request Flow?
  19. Job of I/O Request Handler?
  20. Types of IO Requests?
  21. What will happen if the driver has neither registered a call back nor configure the queue for IO requests?
  22. What is Queue and its operation?
  23. Dispatch types?
  24. Execution Level and Locks Usage?
  25. Wait locks and spin locks?
  26. Define the steps to create KMDF object?
  27. Configuration structure and attributes structure of Object?
  28. What is DPC?
  29. What is INF file?
  30. How to create Interupt Object?
  31. What is EvtinterruptIsr and EvtInterruptDpc?
  32. What is post interrupt enable and pre interrupt disable?

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