Android Interview Questions

1. Main components of android 
2. What are Activities Life cycles, explain with an Example? 
3. Explain remote service. 
4. Explain pending intent. 
5. What is advantage of pending intent over intent? 
6. Explain Broadcast Receivers with an Example 
7. Explain content provider and content resolver. 
8. Explain content provider and content resolver with help of a sample code. 
9. What is .apk? How is it generated? 
10. What is .aidl file? Can we use any different name instead of .aidl and create interface using any commands? 
11. What are threads? 
12. What are the two ways of implementing threads and which is the better one? 
13. startBroadcast(), startOrderBroadcast() and startStickyBroadcast() 
14. What are the different states of a thread? 
15. Explain Widget in android? 
16. Explain about android runtime environment. 
17. What is a Launcher? 
18. Explain init.c with respect to Dalvik Virtual Machine? 
19. Explain Services?Different type of services? 
20. Explain aidl interface and its implementation? 
21. Explain remote service with examples? 
22. Explain intent filter and intents? 
23. If an activity ‘A’ starts activity ‘B’ and ‘B’ starts another activity ‘C’,what is the method to call to finish all activities? 
24. Explain startService() and bindService()? 
25. What is content Resolver?Is it a wrapper Class? 
26. What is the difference between content receiver and content Provider? 
27. Explain Implicit and explicit intent and its flow? 
28. Explain Activity Lifecycle 
29. Explain Service Lifecycle? 
30. Local service and remote service? 
31. Explain AIDL concept? 
32. What are Broadcast Receivers and how to register them statically and ynamically? 
33. What are Content providers and how do we access the data? 
34. What adb commands you have used? 
35. What is manifest file? 
36. What is category,action and data in intents and how they work? 
37. Shared preference - how to get it? 
38. Android listview and adapters 
39. How android manage applications on low memory? 
40. Pass data across different applications 
41. How to start Activity of another application 
42. How to use Bundles and pass aprameters? 
43. What all are mentioned in AndroidManifest.xml 
44. How to make an Activity to launch at start 
45. Can we have two launcher Activities? 
46. How to make onCreate execute multiple times? 
47. Explain Recievers? 
48. How to get intent in a newly launched Activity 
49. How to troubleshoot when adb is not detecting device 
50. List some adb commands 
51. If I want to save the state of activity,in which method of lifecycle , I have to store? 
52. When OnsaveInstantState method will be called? 
53. Difference between service and broadcast-receiver? 
54. What is Pending Intent
55. Difference between Activity and view
56. What is Shared Preference and difference with normal preference
57. What are the killable methods in Activity life cycle?
58· Can Activity run in background? 
59· What is layout and what are the different types of layouts? 
60· What is the difference between linear and relative layout? 
61· Can linear layout be nested in relative layout and vice versa? 
62· How to position the layout? 
63. Diff b/w SimpleCursorAdapter and CursorAdapter 
64. What is Handlers and its implementation. 
65. How Library and frameWork layer communicating. 
66. What is JNI.How it works. 
67. Difference between cursor adapter and Simple cursor adapter. 
68. How do you debug your application.

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