Linux Interview Questions

  1. How do you find files on UNIX or Linux system?
  2. What separates Unix Linux?
  3. What is a Zombie process?
  4. What is a shell?
  5. How would you know the process is a zombie?
  6. What is the best way to check the status of any service?
  7. Which daemon is used for scheduling of the commands?
  8. What is boot block?
  9. Differentiate between Process and Thread in Linux.
  10. Explain Linux Boot process especially kernel and initrd.
  11. What is the meaning of Linux Shell and Shell Script?
  12. Which field is used to define the user’s default shell?
  13. What command can you use to review boot messages?
  14. Explain one major difference between a regular file system and a journaling file system?
  15. What is the minimum number of partitions you need to install Linux?
  16. Explain the Address Space of Thread and Process.
  17. What are the IPC mechanisms which are available on Linux?
  18. How can u schedule a job using cron for 20 secs?
  19. Describe RPM and command to install / remove / update Linux system?
  20. What is fork ()?
  21. How can we see the boot messages?
  22. Which command is used to check the number of files and disk space used and the each user’s defined quota?
  23. In a UNIX environment how do you know what process is currently executing?
  24. How will you know the state of those processes?
  25. How do you differentiate Dynamic and static linking of Libs in make file
  26. How to identify little Endian or big endianness
  27. Write a script to convert all DOS style backslashes to UNIX style slashes in a list of files.
  28. How do you create a swapfile?
  29. What debuggers used?
  30. What Linux HotKeys do you know?
  31. How to switch to a previously used directory?
  32. How can you copy lines into the buffer in command mode?
  33. How you will uncompress the file?

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